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Sunshine Avenue of Mechatronics Sewing Machine Industry

With the continuous development of the garment industry, the garment industry market has also put forward higher requirements for sewing machinery products, in which the improvement of sewing efficiency has always been one of the important topics that people continue to pursue. Throughout the development process of sewing technology at home and abroad, the improvement of sewing efficiency has generally gone through several stages of development, such as specialization and improvement. At present, the development of sewing machinery technology has entered the stage of mechatronics technology. The so-called "mechatronics" has obvious technical advantages. For sewing machines, its meaning is that the thread picking, hook thread, feeding and other executive parts of the sewing machine still use the original mechanical mechanism, while the control is controlled by electronic or microcomputer systems. Mechatronics products can generally be divided into two types: one is called "microcomputer control" or "computer control system" containing programming and CPU processing control system; the other is called "electronic control system" without programming and CPU processing. Among them, electronic control technology is relatively simple. From the breadth of the control content to distinguish can be divided into "single computer control" and "sewing unit (sewing combination) computer control" two categories, the latter intelligent, higher degree of automation. Compared with mechanical sewing machines, mechatronic sewing machines have significant advantages in many aspects. For example, mechanical sewing machines can easily complete operations such as automatic needle stop, automatic stitch technology, automatic reinforcement sewing, automatic sewing and embroidery that cannot be completed by mechanical sewing machines. Mechatronics sewing machines can also automatically reset the sewing work data after automatic detection and information feedback according to changes in working conditions in the sewing process, and continue to work normally; other advantages of mechatronics sewing machines, such as reducing the application of mechanical parts, saving effort in operation, and saving energy consumption by using servo motor systems, are needless to say.





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