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CNC machine tool transformation industry to flourish

Due to the low cost of CNC machine tool transformation, especially in recent years, the user's cognitive ability of CNC machine tools has been further improved, and the demand for this has increased. China's CNC machine tool transformation industry is accelerating its development. It is understood that low cost is the key factor to promote the rapid expansion of the CNC transformation market, compared with the purchase of new machine tools, generally can save 60 to 80% of the cost, and the delivery time is short. The benefits of numerical control transformation are: understanding the equipment, easy operation and maintenance, can accurately calculate the processing capacity of the machine tool, and the purchase of new equipment, do not know whether the new equipment can meet its processing requirements; performance is more stable, the functional components after long-term running-in, functional stability, reliability and so on. At present, only Beijing, engaged in numerical control transformation of enterprises no less than 20. Some places in China have formed "second-hand machine tool supermarkets". For example, the Wen'an machine tool market in Hebei Province has acquired a large number of machines and equipment converted and bankrupt by domestic enterprises. Heilongjiang Heihe and Suifenhe regional markets have concentrated a large number of imported high-end second-hand machine tools. Source: Publisher: China Enterprise Power Industry Website





Potential point of sewing machine market sales

Today, the globalization of the world economy makes the market mechanism more and more mature, the competition among enterprises has developed from the local product competition, price competition, resource competition, talent competition, technology competition, information competition and so on to the competition of the overall strength of enterprises. Under the trend of internationalization of China's sewing machinery industry, how to tap the sales potential of China's sewing machinery market is an important topic that our industry colleagues must ponder. The following author on the personal point of view, talk about a few shallow views, only for your reference. As a market participant, whether it is a seller or a competitor, seeking to obtain market potential energy marked by its influence on customers has become a key factor in winning competitive advantage in the market. In terms of international competitiveness, although there is still a gap between China's sewing machinery industry and foreign giants, there is no need to be blindly pessimistic, because we have the largest and most promising market space in the world, and we know more about the domestic market than others. When the domestic machinery manufacturing foundation has been gradually improved and the ordinary sewing machine has gradually matured, how to exert our strong cost performance, and improve the stability of product quality and improve the influence of products is one of the keys for us to seek market potential.





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