High Speed Interlock Circular Knitting Machine

·This model nterock knitting machine is designed with dial two track,cylinder four track or dial four track, cylinder six track.And it is capable of switching various kniting structure and patterns. Kniting heart and cams adopts automatic CAD integrated carving process to ensure the precision of the cams. ·Cyinder applies lmported lloy steel. Superior material steel metal with high frequency temperature treatment. More easy to knit texture clear fabric. Using Germany steel wire ball bearing system to ensure the high precision synchronous operation. You can run the machine in high speed with stability ·AC Inverter and control panel equipped with imported brands, which is easy to understand and operate. By arranging the knitting needles and cams to knit various fashionable structure fabric. Such as simple jacquard fabric, seersucker knit, space knitwear, interlock fabric. ·Lycra attachment is optional to knit stretch knitwear.

High Pile loop Cut Circular Knitting Machine

·This series machine adopts the synchronous transmission between the top plate gear and main plant big gear. Both adopt the oil oil-steeped lubrication to make the machine durable use life and keep the high precision. ·lt could choose assembly of separation or integration working way between needle hook and cutter. ·Fabrics are not embeded on the surface and keep smoothness.The products are widely used in knitting upscale cloth fabrics, bedding articles, toy floss, carpet etc.

Shearing Terry Circular Knitting Machine

·Special dusting design, it reduces machine-clean times and extends knife life. ·With reverse fabric effect, it saves 4% to 5% material consumption, which decreases cost and increase profit.

lnterlock Open Width Circular Knitting Machine

·Double-sided cloth cutting circular knitting machine,2.1 yarn feeding per inch. ·With all the characteristics of double-jersey machine, superior performance, high yield, high density structure, to ensure the quality of fabric. ·Cylinder cam box was 4 track, dial cam box was 2 track.

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